Hamar, Norway

The Official Conference Website can be accessed HERE.

A new board was elected

Elections took place during the congress in Istanbul, which resulted in some new and renewed boards members of IAPR, and the election of Pierre-Yves Brandt (Université de Lausanne) as the new President, who will fill the shoes of Vassilis Saroglou (Université catholique de Louvain) who held the position previously.

The 2017 Conference in Norway

The next IAPR conference will be held in Hamar, Norway (North of Oslo) from August 21st to 24th. Visit the conference website for complete details at norway2017.iaprweb.org

About IAPR Conferences

The IAPR organizes biannual Conferences addressing various topics of interest to the Association with key lectures, symposia, paper presentations, poster-sessions, and other forms of exchange that may be fruitful for the progress of psychology of religion. At each Conference, agreements are reached about the location and organizational responsibilities for future Conferences. The last three conferences of IAPR took place in Istanbul, Turkey (2015), Lausanne, Switzerland (2013) (see IAPR 2013 Congress – Lausanne | 27-30 August 2013 ),  and Bari, Italy (2011)(see 2011 IAPR Congress).