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Here's a selection of the latest research put out by the International Association for the Psychology of Religion. Abstract, summaries, and provoking questions are provided here, but be sure to subscribe to the archive to get the full text from each article!

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The Archive for the Psychology of Religion is the flagship journal for the International Association for the Psychology of Religion. It originated as the Archiv für Religionspsychologie in 1914, establishing it as the oldest periodical in the field. This English-language journal publishes three issues per year, with articles appearing online before the editors assign them to an issue. Contributions employ diverse methodologies embedded in and relevant to the advancement of psychological theory. Multiple submission types are possible within three primary sections: Theory (major reviews, conceptual or methodological development), Research (empirical theory testing, rigorous descriptive or qualitative investigations, pre-registered replications), and Pedagogy (tutorials, historical notes). The Archive contains both invited and submitted material, including occasional target articles and responses. Authors may propose Special Issues to the Editor at any time.

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Provoking Questions Discussed:

Beyond "Religion" and "Spirituality": Extending a "Meaning Systems" Approach To Explore Lived Religion
Muslim Faith in Pakistan: A Faith-Development View on Fundamentalist to Mature Orientations
Secular Examination of Spirituality-Prosociality Association: Survey Research in Nonreligious-Based Populations in China
Strength of Religious Faith in the Portuguese Catholic Elderly: Effects of Aging, Gender, Education, and Religious Participation

How does body posture effect religious attitude?
How do views of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory differ?
Are stances on controversial topics like abortion reflective of compassionate opennness or self-centered moral rigorism?
What is the relationship between intelligence and openness in Malaysian Muslims?
Do the religious and non-religious attribute happenings to luck or religion when primed?
What are some of the cognitive steps that characterize religious dreams and nightmares?
What is the relationship between religiosity and emotional health among HIV-positive patients in sub-Saharan Africa?
Why do people engage in religious pluralism?

How do we define religious and spiritual experiences?
How do mystical experience in nature differ from mystical experiences in human-built environments?
Across different cultures, can science and religion get along?
What is the relationship between globalization threat and Muslims' religious fundamentalism?
Are Hispanic clergy compassionate?
Does your closeness to God give you more control over your life?
Why do Pakistani Muslims perform animal sacrifice?
What role do religious objects play in coping?
What is the relationship between schizotypy and religiosity?
What does it mean when someone says they are "spiritual?"


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